Interested in joining staff? You still can!

Hey y'all. If you're still interested in joining staff, guess what? IT'S NOT TOO LATE! We'll be looking at applications over the next couple of weeks, so why not apply?

Seriously, why not. Do it. 

Just click on that handy link called "Joining Staff" and fill out our hysterically hilarious application. 

We can't wait to read them! 


Eternally yours, 

The Editors



Hey everyone! As we're all settling in to another year at UChicago, we want to remind everyone we are currently taking applications for staff. You can find staff applications right up in that helpful tab that says "Joining Staff." Applications will only be accepted until the end of third week, and make sure to attend one of our info sessions if you want to learn more! They will be Friday (October 11th) in Bartlett Lounge at 4:00PM and Tuesday (October 15th) in Harper 130 at 5:00PM. 

Also don't forget to SUBMIT!!!!!! 

Hate your freshman roommate? SUBMIT 

Broke up with that o-mance? SUBMIT 

Terrified about being a fourth year? That's right, SUBMIT 




That's right! We are absolutely THRILLED to have April Ranger and Carrie Rudzinski return for their THIRD year at the University of Chicago! They're hosting a workshop tonight from 6-7 pm. The event itself starts at 7:30 in McCormick Tribute Lounge. We hope to see you there!