Summer Art and Story Contests!

In addition to accepting regular submissions for the magazine, Sliced Bread will be running special contests for short stories and art. Winners of both contests will receive a $25 gift card to the Seminary Co-Op Bookstore. In addition to a gift card, the winner of the Summer Art Contest will have her art featured on Sliced Bread's 2017 t-shirts, which will be available for purchase by Winter Quarter 2018.

Sliced Bread Spring 2017 Launch Party

Launch Party Spring 2017 poster

Sliced Bread is proud to announce its Spring 2017 launch party.  There will be free copies of the new magazine, pizza, fruit, hummus, and warm homemade cookies. In addition to being an open mic for the first half, we'll open it up to a variety of the campus's hottest performing artists including Ilan HaskelIsaac TroncosoUC DancersMen in Drag, Robert J. Zimmer?, the "saxy" Average Johnson as well as a Wushu performance and much, much more. Get excited and invite your friends!!!

Collaboration with Study Abroad

Submissions to the Study Abroad Writing Contest will be considered for publication in a future issue of Sliced Bread, provided they have not been published elsewhere. Submissions to the Study Abroad Photo Contest will also be considered for publication in the magazine. To allow more students an opportunity to participate in the cosponsored, carbo-loaded contests, we are extending the submission deadline to FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015.

Review the contest rules and list of prizes:

New Breadbeat - Beer Edition

We present our beer-themed Bread Beat episode. Jake Bittle reads his piece, "Do you really like the taste of PBR," and Jared Simon reads his piece, "Commence Beer Universe." Both of these pieces were published in our Spring 2015 issue.

Spring 2015 Launch Party!

Hello bread lovers,

We are crazy excited to be teaming up with 2nd Story for our Spring 2015 issue launch!  2nd Story is Chicago storytelling organization, and they have prepared three stories for us based upon "This Frenetic World: Stories of Finding Meaning in the Chaos."  We'd love to have you there.

April  8th, 2015
Doors open at 6:30, stories start at 7:00
Open mic at 8:30
McCormick Lounge 
RSVP on Facebook! 

Pan-amorously Yours

Alone on Valentine's Day?  Never fear, The Bread Beat is here!  We will keep you company with Paul Dillon's poem about the flatulence caused by love, as well as an assortment of our producer's favorite love poems.  Check out our updated page here, and remember to support our collaborators, The Vein!


In collaboration with The Vein, Sliced Bread is proud to present brand new episodes of our podcast, The Bread Beat.  New episodes can be found on on our page here.  Our third episode features Lucia Lu reading her poem "Tom Hanks," as well as Elizabeth Bynum reading her poem "Underneath."  In our fourth episode Julian Spergel reads Lillian Solenick's "The Byzantine Birds," a wonderfully creepy short story.
Curl up with your favorite kind of bread, plug in your headphones and let your hungry heart indulge.  We hope you enjoy.

Winter 2015 Submissions

Hello bread-lovers!  

It's that time of year again, and we are on the prowl for submissions!  Please send your words or pictures to  Our submission guidelines are available here

We look forward to reading your submissions!



Hello bread-lovers,
The staff application process is underway, and we're pumped to be getting so many good applications and submissions. 
If you haven't had a chance to send in yours, never fear! We'll be accepting applications for staff until the 20th of October. 
ps. We're also accepting submissions for our winter quarter issue, through the 20th of December. 

The Prodigal Bread Returns!

Sliced Bread is back on campus for the 2014-2015 school year, and we want you to be a part of our magazine!  Submissions, whether art or writing, are due on December 20th and staff applications for Autumn 2014 are due on October 20th at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at   

Interested in joining staff? You still can!

Hey y'all. If you're still interested in joining staff, guess what? IT'S NOT TOO LATE! We'll be looking at applications over the next couple of weeks, so why not apply?

Seriously, why not. Do it. 

Just click on that handy link called "Joining Staff" and fill out our hysterically hilarious application. 

We can't wait to read them! 


Eternally yours, 

The Editors


Hey everyone! As we're all settling in to another year at UChicago, we want to remind everyone we are currently taking applications for staff. You can find staff applications right up in that helpful tab that says "Joining Staff." Applications will only be accepted until the end of third week, and make sure to attend one of our info sessions if you want to learn more! They will be Friday (October 11th) in Bartlett Lounge at 4:00PM and Tuesday (October 15th) in Harper 130 at 5:00PM. 

Also don't forget to SUBMIT!!!!!! 

Hate your freshman roommate? SUBMIT 

Broke up with that o-mance? SUBMIT 

Terrified about being a fourth year? That's right, SUBMIT 



That's right! We are absolutely THRILLED to have April Ranger and Carrie Rudzinski return for their THIRD year at the University of Chicago! They're hosting a workshop tonight from 6-7 pm. The event itself starts at 7:30 in McCormick Tribute Lounge. We hope to see you there!

Ring in the new year with SUBMISSIONS!



Pusheen is working on some delicious sliced bread as we work on Sliced Bread!

We've got a few exciting things taking their time rising, but meanwhile, submissions are wide and open! We'd love to see what you've had cooking over break!

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