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Our sign is a little slice of avant-garde and a big slice of love!

Sliced Bread Magazine is made up of:

  • Editors, bossy busy-bodies barely bringing bread to the table

  • Staff, our devoted members who worked tirelessly throughout the year to select pieces and promote our events and issues

  • Artists, those talented and courageous members of the community who grace our humble pages with their creative feats

  • Readers, the reason we bother with this entire endeavor!

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2018-2019 Editorial Board:

Parker Chusid, editor-in-chief

Monica Rae Brown, editor-in-chief

Belen Edwards, author outreach

Mireille Farjo, author outreach

Jake Weiss, author outreach

Peter Forberg, publicity

John Lutz, publicity

Victoria Constant, layout

Sophia Fisher, layout

contact us at editors@slicedbreadmag.com


2018-2019 Staff:

Rosie Albrecht

Olivia Alcabes

Maddy Birmingham

Conor Bulkeley-Krane

Sasha Diaz

Andrew Farry

Tatiana Goderstad

Cheryl Hao

Sofiy Inck

Caitlyn Klum

Vivian Li

Lina Linares

Emily Lynch

Wahid Al Mamun

Charlie Marshall

Maya Osman-Krinsky

Nora Spadoni

Bradley Tian

Eli Timoner

Angel Toro

Olenka Wellisz

Mike Wiley

Elizabeth Winkler

Elena Whitney

Alexis Wolf

Imaan Yousuf