Review Process

We review everything anonymously on a chronological, rolling basis. Pieces are reviewed by our entire staff and are voted upon for acceptance. Each staff member has one vote per piece. Editors do not have more voting power.

Written pieces are voted for three categories: accept, workshop, and decline

Artistic pieces are voted for three categories: accept in color, accept in B&W, and decline.

If your piece is selected to be:

  • Accepted, then your submission will be included in the magazine.

  • Workshopped, then your submission will be returned to you with a critique. This is a second chance to submit the same piece, but with our recommended revisions. We work closely with the author, including in-person meetings (if so desired) to workshop the piece together. Once resubmitted, the piece may or may not be accepted after a second round of reviews. Revising is simply a necessary part of the publishing process and should benefit both your work and the quality of the magazine as a whole.

  • Declined, then your piece will not be published. You may not resubmit this piece during the current submission cycle. A declined piece may be accompanied by a critique from a staff member, but because of high volume, we cannot always include a detailed critique. You may resubmit the piece in the next submission cycle.

We also may choose to publish a written piece solely on Bread Beat. This applies to spoken word and things that just have that rhythm. These acceptances happen solely at our discretion. If you have questions about the submissions and review process, we suggest you take a look at our FAQ or send us an e-mail at