My God Man! Sliced Bread Has a NEW Website!

That's right folks. SLICED BREAD is no longer bound to the chains of strange and long web addresses. No more!

Our new website is more than just a place for information about the magazine. Introducing...

The BREADBOX! This is the place to keep up with us. Here, you will find compelling opinions and reviews from the staff and our guest op-eds. Get a sneak-preview of what is coming up in the magazine. Find links to the literary and artistic world to add to your regular procrastination schedule (because we all feel like Jackson Pollock-ing our papers sometimes!). Need to know what is going on in Chicago? Looking for a place to catch some grub (hopefully a meal including bread)? Looking for a good book or film? It's all here at The BREADBOX. (Did we mention there's also a space for you to vent and share your disgruntledness too?)

BECOME A MEMBER today and receive regular updates from The BREADBOX by e-mail and exclusive access to previews of the upcoming magazine and advanced notice of our special events, such as the launch party and author readings. Click here to become a member!

With the launch of our new website, we hope you will explore all the ways you can contribute to the magazine. We are still the same warm and lovable bunch as before, which means we still accept all kinds of arts and literature submissions. Yes, SUBMIT EVERYTHING, from a picture of your favorite lite-brite creation to that poem you happened to write on the back of your ex-girlfirend's pocket photo because you just didn't have any paper to write on.

To help celebrate our momentous move, SLICED BREAD is happy to announce the following -

1. BAKER'S DOZEN CONTEST! Want more than just to be published and a pat on the back for your creative masterpiece? Every month until June, SB is going to hold a cash-prize contest for best-in-show submissions in these categories: Short Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, and Art & Photography. The first place winner in each category wins $30 and second and third place winners get a $10 Seminary Co-op Bookstore gift certificate. How are these judged? By popular and public vote, so get your friends to vote for your entry! (Limit one entry per person.) See CONTESTS for more information.

2. MORE DOUGH has been added to our annual contest! Every year, the staff of SB will pick three submissions for the spotlight in the magazine. All prizes have been raised - $100 for first place, $75 for second place, and $50 for third place. See CONTESTS for more information. Oh, and yes, this means that one person could really end up winning $225! Eek!