Sliced Bread + Fire Escape Films = FIREBREAD

Sliced Bread Magazine and Fire Escape Films are proud to announce a joint-launch party, FIREBREAD, sponsored in part by Festival of the Arts! For more information (and we mean extensive information), click here.

FIREBREAD is a one night extravaganza featuring great literature, smashing art, mind-blowing live music, and fantastic film screenings. It is also the night that the long-awaited 2008 issue of Sliced Bread comes out!

This year, Sliced Bread Magazine and Fire Escape Films, the premier student film group at the University of Chicago, has teamed up to present to you, our readers, not just a magazine, but also a DVD of the best student short films. FIREBREAD is a celebration of this collaborative effort.

Who: You, your friends, and your family
What: A launch party
Where: Underneath the FOTA tent in Hutchinson Courtyard at the Reynolds Club, 5706 South University Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60637
When: 8:00-11:00 PM on Tuesday, May 13
Why: Because you need to experience FIREBREAD

The following student bands have signed to play:

Leopold and Loeb (
Saturday Realism (
The Dub Dirty Love Jazz Club (often featured at Pepperland parties)
The Butts (louder than your mother)

Catering is courtesy of the lovely folks at the Culinary Club (


Honey nut cake. Fruitcake w/ pistachios, apricots, and olives. Chocolate-chai cupcakes. Carrot, cardamom, and cashew cupcakes. Chocolate-dipped lime shortbreads. Halvah-nut-sesame cookies. Fresh oranges with orange flower water and cinnamon. Dried dates, figs, dark bread, honey, and goat cheese. Cardamom and mango-coconut lassis.