Have you had an experience on a University-affiliated study abroad program that you want the world to know about? If so, you're in luck, because Sliced Bread Magazine and the Study Abroad Office have decided to extend the deadline on our 3rd annual Why We Travel Contest to April 29, 2011! A travel writing contest for current students who have completed or are completing a University of Chicago study abroad program, this contest was established in recognition of all the great student writing influenced by time abroad.

We are accepting works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, as well as any other works of writing your time abroad has inspired you to create. Experiences abroad are myriad, and we are seeking writing that reflects this. You are encouraged to submit a piece that best fits your experience and expresses how your time abroad shocked, delighted, awed, challenged or changed you.

Although the 2011 issue of Sliced Bread is already off to the printer and therefore will not include your submission, we will post winning entries on our website and may consider printing them in next year's issue. Perhaps more excitingly, you can win monetary prizes:

Over $300 in prizes are available! 

Send submissions to Again, the deadline is April 29, 2011. Please specify in the subject of your email that you want your piece to be considered for the Why We Travel Contest.



To take part in this contest you must be a Chicago undergraduate or graduate student. Your submission must be about an experience that took place at a location outside of the United States for a minimum duration of 8 weeks. All study abroad experiences through the University of Chicago, one of its partner programs, or a College travel grant (FLAG, Research Grants) are eligible.

Please follow all formatting rules (see below). Failure to do so will render your submission ineligible!

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the editors at


By entering this contest, your submission becomes the property of the College of the University of Chicago, which will enjoy full rights of use and circulation (with attribution to the author). If you submit to this contest, it is understood that you have granted this right.

Sliced Bread Magazine will not use your work without your written permission.


Submissions must use standard Chicago-styled formatting. Only 12 point-sized Times New Roman styled fonts will be accepted. Margins should be either 1 or 1.5 inches. Please send in your submission in Microsoft Word Document format (.doc, docx) or in rich-text format (.rtf) by attaching the document to your submission e-mail. In your e-mail, please include the following:

1. “Travel Writing Contest” in the subject header
2. Your first and last name
3. Your desired published name
4. Your e-mail address
5. Where and when you went abroad and for how long (please also indicate if it was through a Chicago sponsored program)
6. The title of your submission
7. A short explanation of your submission

For photo essay submissions: Photographs must be sent digitally at a minimum resolution of 320 dpi. Please also include detailed location information, type of camera used, and type of film used for each photograph. If you are having trouble sending in your photos, please contact the editors at